Healthcare Marketing Strategies To Bring More Patients To Your Door

A digital dose of effective healthcare digital marketing

When it comes to digital marketing tactics, there are plenty to choose from, but marketing a medical practice requires slightly different handling. Where do you start? In this post, we will cover the top 5 things that you should be doing today to get more patients through the door.

Start with a Flawless, Modern Site

When was your website last updated? If the answer is, “I can’t remember,” then it’s time to start looking at having it updated.

Your website should be:

  • Mobile responsive
  • Secure
  • Fast – Google found that 53% of people will abandon a site on their mobile if it takes more than three seconds to load
  • As the saying goes, content is king! – Go beyond basic keywords and consider including services, like a symptom checker, to incorporate more long-tail keywords
  • Patient-friendly. Make it easy to navigate so patients can quickly book a consultation

Content Marketing

Content marketing is where you offer information with the sole purpose of adding value rather than just trying to sell your product. For example, you would write an article about the latest advances in treatments for Alzheimer’s instead of one about how your practice would treat Alzheimer’s.

The benefits include:

  • Establishing yourself as an authority figure in the subject
  • Creating guest posts to reach a wider range of people
  • Providing value for your potential clients
  • This will prove more valuable when it comes to getting people interested in your practice rather than an article telling them about your business
  • More backlinks to reputable websites, increasing your search engine optimization

Social Media Marketing

If your practice doesn’t have some form of representation on social media, you need to get started immediately. Think outside of the box a little. Facebook has its place, but other channels have different appeals.

Instagram, for example, has its Stories feature. You can use this creatively. Why not introduce the people behind the scenes such as accountants, IT services, and more? Alternatively, why not do a quick video on your daily routine?

The key to social media marketing is to view it more as a tool for building a relationship. Add value to the content that you post instead of always making it about selling your services. Sure, add in the odd sales pitch here and there, but keep those posts at a maximum of 20% of the overall volume.

Claim Your Google My Business Page

This is one of our top tips for ranking higher in local SEO. Claim your page and fill in as much information as possible. Add some photos or maybe a quick introduction video. Finally, follow up with regular posts on the page. Best of all, you don’t pay a cent for this free press.

Also, the page can be claimed by anyone. So, to prevent anyone from making use of the reputation you have built, claim your page now.

You have the option to activate the Bookings feature as well. You will need to be using scheduling software that Google can integrate with, but this feature can be extremely handy for your clients. They don’t even have to leave the Google listing to set up an appointment.

It’s also useful when it comes to getting the clients to review their experience. A quick email after the consultation, checking how things went and giving them the link to your google my business page for a review is all you need.

Add Live Chat to Your Site

This service doesn’t seem like a marketing tool, but it can be a very effective one when used correctly. Maybe someone wants to ask what time you close, or he or she wants to schedule an appointment. Having a live chat option available lets them get the information they need without picking up the phone.

You can have a chatbot created to answer the basic questions. These bots are getting so advanced that most people won’t ever know they’re not talking to a person. If someone asks something the bot can’t answer, it can refer the question to a human.


There is a lot more to digital marketing then telling everyone how great you are on Facebook and choosing the right online ads. Ads are useful but only for short-term gains since they don’t increase customer loyalty. They cannot be the basis of your whole campaign or marketing will cost you a fortune.

The methods that we have described above will help you to create a solid foundation for your practice. These strategies are aimed more at improving organic traffic so they will pay dividends in the long-term. Need help to execute these strategies? Contact us today, we are an experienced Healthcare marketing agency.