Facebook Advertising Campaigns for Healthcare

We all know that social media can be very powerful when it comes to getting a message across, just look at the role it plays in social activism. Social media was credited with helping activists to mobilize during the Arab Spring, and it gave people access to real freedom of expression.

That’s why you should be using it to help promote your practice. Which social media site do you start with? That depends on your target market and the social media sites that they are likely to use.

With over two billion active users, Facebook is the biggest social media site. It’s also extremely easy to use and is an affordable way of marketing.

How do you get it right? Let’s find out!

Create Targeted Advertising

One area where Facebook really excels is in allowing you to be as specific with your targeting as you like. This means that you can put your marketing message in front of exactly the kind of patient you want to. Want to target males within a ten-mile radius aged 20-30? No problem.

The advantage of this is that you can create campaigns perfectly suited to a very particular audience. The site also allows you to change up the audience parameters, so you can choose more than one target market if you like.

Which, in turn, means that you can run several advertising campaigns with completely different focuses at once. So, for example, you could create an advertisement about arthritis treatments and target it at seniors. At the same time, you could run a separate campaign for teens who have acne. The ads are only put in front of the group that you have specifically targeted.

Test Different Versions

You can, and should, test different versions of the ads that you are running. Do this by tweaking one thing at a time. Change the font, the picture, the wording, and more. Then run both and see which performs better.

Now take the winning ad and tweak something else. The idea is to keep testing different features to see what ultimately brings in the best results.

Use Lead Ads

These are aimed at getting you more business leads. You’ll create an ad as normal, but it will have a lead form that clients can fill in as well. You will then login and download your leads from Facebook to easily follow up.

It can be a very effective tactic. There are two things that you need to ensure that you do:

Keep the data gathered secure and private. You have a legal obligation to keep the information private. If there is unauthorized access due to your negligence, you could face fines and civil action.
Follow up with the patient quickly, preferably on the next business day at the very latest. If you leave it too long, the person may have lost interest or forgotten about it.

Use Great Images

Facebook posts with images get more likes and shares. People like pictures since they give them an idea of what the content is about without them having to do much work. Use images that look positive. People in the photos should be healthy, happy, and smiling.

Change up the images that you use so that you can see which subjects work better and get more clicks.

Optimized Video Ads

You don’t have to do this with every ad but do consider using a video once in a while. A short video can be an excellent way of getting your message across. It’s a common medium at the moment because people are more likely to watch a video than read through an article.

Get creative when it comes to your video. Consider using it as a form of thought leadership. Perhaps you could talk about how regular checkups can help to maintain optimal health or what kind of preventative screening people should consider having done.

You could also create a video where the sole purpose is to add value for your followers. So, what about teaching them a range of stretches and other exercise tips? Do this in a couple of different sessions so that they are prompted to follow your page.


Facebook offers a simple, powerful, and cost-effective way to market your practice. You get to choose who will see your ads, collect their information, engage in dialogue, and truly personalize your practice.

Need help to launch an effective Facebook campaign? Contact us today, we have launched many successful campaigns, let Sante Media be your marketing arm while you focus on your business.