Medical Web Design

Looks Great, Ranks Even Better

Montreal Agency specializing in Healthcare Web Design

Sante Media builds professional websites that are search optimized, mobile ready, integrated to your social media platforms & built to generate strong return on your investment (ROI) for every marketing dollar you spend.

Impactful, informative and mobile friendly our websites are designed for Healthcare professionals and Health businesses that share one goal: make sure patients and customers will have the best first experience in getting to know them.Your website is after all the first opportunity they will have to meet you and at Sante media, we make sure this first impression is always a winning one.

So you built your own website. Congratulation!
Is it…?

  • Built with Analytics and Performance?
  • Mobile-friendly?
  • Free of unwanted ads and Popups ?
  • Designed to deliver an unforgettable customer experience?
  • Google friendly?
  • Tailored to your exact needs?
  • Efficient at transforming leads into customers?
  • Professional looking and Healthcare worthy?
  • Search Engine Optimized?

A Website built by an agency specialized in Healthcare is not an expense.
It's an investment

At Sante Media, we understand what potential patients and clients are searching for and build customized, fully responsive websites designed to transform those leads into repeat customers. Our web design packages are tailored to meet the needs of businesses striving in the competitive Healthcare sector.

Having a customer-centric website is no longer an option, it’s mandatory. You need online credibility to attract Health customers and patients.

Websites That Look Great
Rank Even Better

We help health professionals deliver the best first digital impression and make sure it's a perfect one.

You vs. Your competition? Where should potential clients go?

Why do you need a professional website that delivers incredible customers’ experience?

It's About Your Credibility

In-house websites do not look professional and will reflect poorly how potential clients will come to think of your services and products.

It Will Save You Money

Compare this to other conventional marketing tactics and you will soon realize having a superior website is cost-effective and a true investment for your brand and business.

It's About Content And Information

Your website is what you look like online. It's that simple. And it's the fastest way to offer your customers updates and information that is always pertinent and accurate compared to printed material.

Be Accessible And Reachable

Convenience and accessibility for your new and returning customers, around the clock, and all year long. Give them information about products and services and the possibility to make purchases even after hours.

Go Big

Target more customers. With a solid, professional website, your company suddenly becomes a global entity. You now have the power to offer your products and services to health customers around the clock and well beyond your local market.

You Get To Show The Impact You Have

It's one thing to encourage people to share their thoughts on social media after using your products and services, and another to be proactive at telling your customers you have the best solutions on market using a powerful website platform.

Your Time is Precious

There is a lot of information and useful content on your website that customers will have access to without having to contact your business directly. Answering phone calls, meeting clients, and replying to emails all take time from your busy schedule. With a powerful website, you can engage your customers directly without wasting time or money.

Customer Relationships

It's about the experience you offer your current and prospective clients. Be there to answer their questions as a friend, a leader and an authority in your field.

You Have A Physical Business Address?

Of course you do. But to be truly competitive you also need a digital one: your website. Customers will always want to know more about you before committing to your products or services. Why not give them a chance to discover first-hand how you can make a lasting difference in their lives?

Sante Media's Medical Web Design Process

Medical Web Design


Keyword Research, Branding Principles, Marketing Strategy

Medical Web Design Planning


Site frame, Sitemap, Design Mockup, Calls to Action, Brand Identity

Medical Web Design Development


CMS, Functional Elements, Datasource, Testing & Implementation

Medical Web Design Advertising


SEO, Pay-Per-Click, Social Media, Facebook Marketing, AI Chatbots

Do you want a Website that pays for itself?

Let’s talk. We would like to show you the difference we can make in your business. We are Web Design Professionals and Healthcare Specialists.